Reading is the Best Education

This newsletter, created as part of our Internship Volunteer Program, commences a new period with a new version. And on this first occasion –  today is Black Friday -, we wish to dedicate the newsletter to proposing book suggestions. With two premises: that an idea plus a context is a vision; and that reading is the best education.

The first book is the first biography of former President Barack Obama. Possibly almost everything we know today about entrepreneurship and innovation was inspired during his term in office. Obama placed entrepreneurship at the centre of America’s diplomatic action.

The Collapse of Complex Societies by Joseph Tainter is a fundamental book if we are to understand today’s world and its complexity. In this case, it is recommended reading the book and the article which was recently published in The New York Times.

The following book concerns a key and current issue. The competition for talent and the positive impact of migratory flows and economic development beyond simplistic and unrealistic diatribes. Organised  migration is an opportunity.

Entrepreneurship is likewise social impact and a solution to problems. Companies are no longer only accountable to their shareholders. These are also accountable to society as a whole. Value creation is associated with their commitment to inclusive and sustainable economic growth. This is the subject matter addressed by Ronald Cohen.

Next, we propose a fascinating book on the progress and impact of technology in China, a book written by Xiaowei Wang. It is a must-read book if we wish to eliminate stereotypes and learn about the economic and social changes taking place in that country.

The issue of gender and the inclusion of women in the labour market remains a key issue. We would like to propose a different reading which addresses this issue via mathematics.

And finally, a book which connects everything. Hopes, life and death through a bookstore. The celebration of the opportunities of life.

We can discuss research, development, innovation. But if we do not understand the world and arm ourselves with intellectual tools to understand the current situation and problems, we will be constrained in our ability to fully and consciously engage.


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